How to do your holiday shopping without adding to the world's pressing problems.

#1. Every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want 

Shop brands that support a movement of conscious and ethical shopping. Those that aim to minimize their eco-footprint and are against exploitation of people in the production chain. Join the revolution! 

#2. Shop with smaller/local brands

Now more than ever, supporting smaller stores is important if we want our beloved boutiques to survive the coming year.

During the current global pandemic; giants like Amazon have experienced a 40% increase in sales, where most smaller shops are barely surviving the crisis, many forced to close completely. 

#3. Fashion can be fair

Choose brands that don’t make you choose between feeling luxurious, protecting the environment and respecting the people who make your clothes. Yes, such brands do exist and nothing feels better than mindful shopping.

#4. Wear clothes that matter

Clothes can provide an expression of individuality, but also an ideology. Fashion is wearable art and every designer relays a message in the collections they release. Wear garments that speak to your values. 

#5. Natural is not the only way 

The textile industry demands high levels of water and energy consumption resulting in chemical pollution which is reeking havoc on our environment. Even all natural fabrics require processes that are killing our planet. What's more; an estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste is put into landfill every year. Therefore - a garment made from recycled, upcycled and end-of-role textiles (even if synthetic) is even more sustainable than those made from mass manufactured natural textile.

#6. Make it last

Choosing garments that are made of durable and high quality textiles will extend the lifecycle of your wardrobe.

Follow the specific care instructions of each of your garments. Correct washing and storing of your clothing can increase its lifespan by more than double. If you prefer easy care instructions, make sure you are buying easy care garments to avoid damage and disappointment.

We at Das Werk Haus contribute to the longevity of garments not only by creating from quality textiles but also with an adjustable design concept. Being able the size of your clothing makes it possible for you to wear your items longer, even if your body shape changes. Our designs are also unisex, our clothing can be worn by different people with different sizes and in different ways. 

#7. Repair instead of buying new

Can you give your garment a second life? To reduce textile waste visit your local tailor to alter or mend your broken items. For those purchasing Das Werk garments, we offer an in-house tailoring service for our customers to alter when needed.

#8. There is no greater luxury than sustainability

Forget what you have heard - Luxury & Sustainability CAN coexist! More and more, sustainability is becoming a part of our daily lives and actions. Whether day-to-day or in moments we want to indulge in a bit more luxury; we are seeing that quality, longevity and sustainability ARE the characteristics of true luxury products. Luxury should not be the demise of a product that ends up as waste, but a lasting experience. Slow down, and be amazed what is already here. 

November 26, 2020 — Das Werk Haus