DAS WERK HAUS began with the humble vision to create unique, handmade garments for a very niche clientele. Actors, producers, choreographers, set stylists. Those in the film industry were the first to wear and experience DAS WERK Fashion. With so much exposure (though unintentional) - It wasn’t long before people started asking about our out-of-the-box designs and requests started coming in from the general public. 

“It honestly did not occur to us that everyday people would be interested in our quirky designs.” 

2015 - DAS WERK HAUS opened the doors to it’s artelier in Cologne, Germany to sell to the public for the first time. 

2016 - The first DAS WERK HAUS boutique was opened on one of the most interesting shopping streets in the centre of Cologne - Breiter Straße. Here we could offer our existing clientele a wider range of our designs whilst positioning ourselves to be more easily discovered to passersby. Our unique styles stood out and were completely different to anything Germany had ever seen before. 

2017 - We became very passionate about helping people to break out of the fashion norms and found ourselves with an opportunity to open our second boutique on the internationally famous, urban boulevard - Königsallee. Between prestigious, luxury brands like Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dior - We, the rebel kids on the block, opened our flagship location in Düsseldorf, Germany and started to introduce the world to our controversial style. 

2018 - We noticed instantly that our international customers enjoyed finding something truly unique in our designs. So, we made the leap to position ourselves just over the border, in the global artistic hub - Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. Starting with the smallest of boutiques at Singel 348, over the next two years we expanded from there just down the canal to Singel 424 and on to Berentraat 17. Nestled amongst the picturesque nine streets or Amsterdam you can now find three DAS WERK HAUS boutiques, each unique from one another. 

2019 - With the momentum of our first overseas venture, We decided to show London, UK what DAS WERK Fashion was all about. And what better place to make a statement than within the energetic streets of Soho in the West End? Over a six month pop-up feat, we welcomed the bustling crowds of London and built a strong fan base with many new friends. 

2020 - In early March we were forced to close the doors of all our boutiques due the novel Coronavirus. This has challenged us as a small business but we believe that despite physical separation, it is humanity and solidarity that will see us overcome this together. We are using this time to reflect and create artistically with new designs in the making. This time has also given us the ability to channel our energy into launching our official web shop, now accessible to the world. 

DAS WERK HAUS is very thankful that our production has not been affected by the pandemic as we do not rely on overseas labour or offsite, mass-manufacturing. We are very proud to be hand making each and every item in-house at our atelier in Cologne since day one, and will continue to do all we can to survive and thrive. 

March 11, 2020 — Rikki-lee Romeyn