Made just for you


Das Werk Haus WishfulFashion collection is a cumulation of some of our favourite designs, made to order.
Wishful fashion is our way of ensuring you get the item you love, made just for you.
It is also a part of a movement to lower unnecessary production waste and over stocking. Das Werk Haus wishes that every item we create serves a purpose, makes a statement and has a home.
This is - WishfulFashion. 

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Unique & Unisex Apparel

All garments are handmade from quality, natural fabrics. We proudly support a zero-waste movement by using all fabric cutoffs, being adjustable in size and something you can wear forever.

be our new #daswerkfriend

Over the years, we have met countless inspiring people from all over the world. Das Werk Haus started with a vision to create unique handmade garments for a very niche clientele. We had never expected that our designs would get this much love & support - Thank you! This page showcases a selection of the friends we have made along the way.