From the beginning till now, DAS WERK HAUS was funded, owned and operated by a small, close-knit team. We are film makers and tailors by trade who came together with a simple vision - To create unique, handmade garments for the people around us. Actors, producers, choreographers, set stylists. Our art minded friends were the first to wear and experience our quirky designs. It wasn’t long before the general public noticed, requests started coming in and DAS WERK HAUS fashion was born. 

Years on, and over 10,000 unique designs later, our core philosophies still guide us - Handmade, unisex, unique clothing that everyone can enjoy. 

Over fifteen years ago our eyes began to open to the global mindset shift that was about to surface. We watched as gender stereotypes and generalisations started to lessen in our communities and a strong willed, non-binory generation was being born. With the desire to remove male female style preconceptions, we wanted to design our clothing so that it could fit and be worn by anybody and everybody, regardless of gender. What we did not expect was that when worn - the clothing translates differently, not just between genders but between person to person. An identical garment can be worn by different archetypes and the story it portrays changes, it works! 

One way that we have achieved this in our designs is to create garments that are multifunctional and adjustable in size. This way, the same item can be worn by different people with different shapes and in different manners. Don’t get us wrong, this is NOT a concept that ‘one size fits all’. Rather, what we strive to achieve is the abolishment of ‘industry standard sizing’. We believe that ‘size’ is just another unnecessary box people have been put into. At DAS WERK HAUS we aim to make our clothing so that all body shapes can wear with comfort and confidence. 

We have trusted this concept from day one, but introducing customers to an entire boutique of only unisex designs has not always been easy. More often than not we found enjoyment merely educating people on the concept of unisex fashion, while our clientel remained nieche. Today we find our unisex philosophy is sought after and are delighted to be meeting more people open to and excited to explore all that unisex fashion has to offer. 

But it is not only being unisex designs that sets DAS WERK HAUS clothing apart. Any quick glance at our collection shows that we are coloring completely outside the lines in the world of fashion and design. We do not follow trends and we do not claim to set them. We design from our hearts and are constantly pushing the envelope of what could be achieved. Of course we know that our out-of-the-box creations are not to everyone’s taste. Our designs are either something you love or you hate. There seems to be no inbetween, and we are okay with that. 

March 11, 2020 — Das Werk Haus