Why does the Das Werk Haus fitting guide not fit the traditional rules of clothing sizes?

In fact, incorporating a traditional sizing guide into products created in a unique and deconstructed way, is a very difficult task. This is due to an intentional design factor we deem highly important. That is, the ease of adjusting clothing according to your body, style and mood. 

We do not believe in measurement standards that limit and exclude any body types. All bodies are unique and this is the beauty that sets us apart. We also want to account for your body's natural cycle of change throughout different times of the day, months and years. It is for these changes that our products are developed to adjust, realize and accompany you in fit and comfortability. 

So what is the biggest difference between Das Werk Haus sizes and traditional sizes?
The main difference in measuring our bottoms (trousers, shorts & skirts) is that we measure the size of the waist circumference instead of the hip circumference

And why do we do that?
Our products are developed with a different design structure so that you can adjust your waist according to your own style. In addition to being unisex, the style of Das Werk Haus bottoms is totally transformed when worn in different ways. Low, medium or high waist - One garment can do all three. You decide how you want to wear it according to your style preference, mood, or momentary wish.

We are artists and thus we love to stimulate your creativity and individuality. This is why we do not fit within sizing rules that we consider restricting and outdated.

So what are the Das Werk Haus sizes?
Our sizes start at - [] and go up to + IV. Everything is explained here in our fitting guide.

We also have our PREMIUM COLLECTION a cumulation of our favorite garments made-to-measure exactly to your body. Our intention here is not only to give you a custom made garment, but also to continue with our mission to reduce waste as much as possible. Our garments are developed manually in a process of zero-waste design. The fact that it adjusts to your body guarantees even less waste within the clothing industry.

Still not sure? We are always available to answer any questions about our products, do not hesitate to ask us. We can also talk about special alterations or other custom design ideas you might have.

Talk to us here: shop@daswerkhaus.com

Fitting video for the Wishfulfashion collection

March 17, 2021 — Das Werk Haus