We have learnt the importance of washing our hands. We know now what social distancing means. We have heard every different opinion and forecast for this pandemic from every angle, every scientist, every politician, every economist and conspiracy theorist under the sun. Words like - ‘recession’, ‘conspiracy’, ‘bio-weapon’, ‘death rate’ is all we hear. Our ‘leaders’ and representatives are preparing us to be ‘disaster ready’... What did we all speak about before Covid19?

Global tragedy breeding opportunity for ego and gain. Who is more prepared? Who can guess what will be next? Who should be allowed to have a voice, who should not, because they ‘know more’? ... The truth is, scientists don’t yet know where this disease came from or what to do about it. Politicians do not have all the answers and public protocole changes daily. 

And when the fear driven words are not playing, they present us with numbers. Have you noticed the numbers? The numbers of cases, the numbers of deaths. The charts, the reports, the counts, the death rates... All we see are numbers. But these people are not numbers. They are mothers, daughters, fathers, sons. They are people. They are us. 

For DAS WERK HAUS it is not important who is right, who is wrong, or how many theories you have about the matter. What saddens us most is that people are dying and we have forgotten to tell their story. They are presented to us as numbers and nothing more. What is important for us now is to use our voices not for fear and ‘facts’ but for hope and humanity. We want to remember and to recognise that these ‘numbers’ are not just numbers. They are real people. We believe that despite physical separation, it is solidarity that will see us overcome this. That we, the people, will survive and will thrive through this. 

So we will hold our tongues, we will say no more about Covid19. As a business and as a people we will use this time to reflect, to create, to inspire and to do our best to survive. Our shop doors may not be open but we are here, with you. If you would like to reach out, please use our platforms to connect with our teams. 

March 11, 2020 — Das Werk Haus