DAS WERK Zero-Waste Bags


Unisex & Handmade

This item is handmade from left over fabric.

We believe that a circular textile economy is the future. In a new textiles economy where clothes, textiles, and fibres are kept at their highest value during use and re-enter the economy afterwards, never ending up as waste.

Handcrafted in Amsterdam

* All items are made one-of-a-kind with varying trim & button colours from that pictured *


Das Werk Haus Philosophy
Das Werk Haus unisex designs steam from the desire to remove male female style preconceptions. We wanted to design our clothing so that it could fit and be worn by anybody and everybody, regardless of gender.

One way that we have achieved this in our designs is to create garments that are multifunctional and adjustable in size. This way, the same item can be worn by different people with different shapes and in different manners. Don’t get us wrong, this is NOT a concept that ‘one size fits all’. Rather, what we strive to achieve is the abolishment of ‘industry standard sizing’. We believe that ‘size’ is just another unnecessary box people have been put into. At Das Werk Haus we aim to make our clothing so that all body shapes can wear with comfort and confidence.

Our design and production stands by a zero-waste movement. We source new and vintage, high quality textiles from all over the world and use various fabrics in the creation of each individual item. We do not believe in waste and are determined to use every piece of fabric that we cut. This not only ensures we are remaining sustainable to the planet, but also results in each garment being unique to the next with distinguishing features in trims, buttons, patchwork ect.


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